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Hello Readers,

Today I was just browsing through internet and found a technology that really impressed me and I decided to write about it, hope you will find it interesting too.

A technology that allows the user to see a a physical view of real world environment, directly or in-directly, whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input.
A Battlefield Augmented Reality System

The term augmented reality is believedto have been coined in 1990 by Thomas Caudell, working at Boeing . AR is considered as an extension of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality(VR) is a virtual space in which players immerse themselves into that space and exceed the bounds of reality. In virtual reality, time, physical laws and material properties may no longer be followed, in contrast to the real-world environment of AR. Instead of considering AR and VR as exact opposite concepts, 'Milgram et al' claim them as the Reality-Virtual (RV) continuum -- (Milgram, Takemura, Utsumi and Kishino, 1994).
AR technology includes head-mounted displays and virtual retinal displays for visualization purposes, and construction of controlled environments containing sensors and actuators .

AR isabout augmenting the real world environment with virtual information by improving people’s senses and skills. AR mixes virtual characters with the actual world. There are three common characteristics of AR scenes:
  1. the combination of real world environment with computer characters,
  2. interactive scenes and
  3. scenes in 3D.


There are examples of AR in various feilds of daily interactivity like :

  • The yellow "first down" line seen in broadcasts of football games shows the line that the offensive team must cross to receive a first down using the 1st & Ten system. (In this example : The real-world elements are the football field and players, and the virtual element is the yellow line, which augments the image in real time.)
  • Sections of Rugby fields and cricket pitches display sponsored images.
  • Nintendo 3DS and PlayStationVita come with "AR Cards" ( fiduciary markers ) allowing to play games which use device camera.
  • It is also used in BMW 7 Series cars and Airplanes as head-up mounted display
  • In Some fighter plains the information is displayed on the pilot's helmet using AR.

Augmented Reality is a sneak peak to the future technology, today. Keep reading my blog and be updated. You can also post questions, give suggestions and feedback by commenting on the blogpost. You can contact me here via Email or Twitter or or Facebook. Thank you.

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