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Hello Readers,
Today I am going to write about a topic that can be the future, affecting all are lives, it is a technology that is as fast as 500 megabytes per second, Yes you heard me correct 30 gigabytes per minute. I am talking about the wi-fi alternative, the Visible Light Communication, The possible future of Internet ---------

Li-Fi or The Light Fidelty

Possible Communication via Visible Lights

It was July 2011 when Dr. Harald Haas, Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh School of Engineering /Institute of Digital Communications, publically demonstrated Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) ,for the first time, a method of Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology.

Haas’s explanation & demonstrations are fascinating. Li-Fi, has already achieved blisteringly high speeds in the lab. Researchers at the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany, have reached data rates of over 500 MBps using a standard white-light LED . Haas has set up a spin-off firm to sell a consumer VLC transmitter. It is capable of transmitting data at 100 MB/s– faster than most broadband connections.
"At the heart of this technology is a new generation of high-brightness light-emitting diodes," says Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh, UK. "Very simply, if the LED is on, you transmit a digital 1, if it's off you transmit a 0," Haas says. "They can be switched on and off very quickly, which gives nice opportunities for transmitting data."

This technology has higher potential. It is very much possible to transmit the data via light by changing the flicker rate that gives different strings of 1 and 0, and it's intensity is modulated so quickly that the human eyes cannot notice.

Potential Transmission Code

The LEDs conducting Light Communication

Technology till date!

Even more sophisticated and advanced techniques are undergoing developement at the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh. The teams at the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh are focusing on parallel data transmission using arrays of LEDs, where each LED transmits a different data stream while other groups are using mixtures of red, green and blue LEDs to alter the light's frequency, with each frequency encoding a different data channel.
"There are around 19 billion light bulbs worldwide, they just need to be replaced with LED ones that transmit data," says Haas. "We reckon VLC is at a factor of ten, cheaper than Wi-Fi."
It is because it uses light rather than radio-frequency signals, VLC could be used safely in aircraft, integrated into medical devices and hospitals where Wi-Fi is banned, or even underwater, where Wi-Fi doesn't work at all.

"The time is right for VLC, I strongly believe that," says Haas, who presented his work at TED Global in Edinburgh.

                                      How it Works    (Image source : ITAR TASS)
But still there are some backdrops like it can only transmit when in the line of sight well it can be sorted out someday, i hope.

Practical Application

"There has been a lot of early hype, and there are some very good applications," says Mark Leeson from the University of Warwick, UK. "But I'm doubtful it's a panacea. This isn't technology without a point, but I don't think it sweeps all before it, either."
With this quote I sign off and leave you with a few questions for you to answer
1 Where can this technology be used?
2 How should the government and organisations be using this technology?
3 How will this technology benifit you?
Leave your answers in the comments section and till my next post, i'll sign off.
Till then Stay updated, keep reading.

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  1. It is awsome post!

    1- This technology can easily b used in such place where passing of radio waves are strickted like Hospitals, Planes, Labs.

    2- Exactly as ans. 1

    3- Well, this technology doesn't deal with radio waves, So, it can easily be used in such places where Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi and Internet are banned. In this way, it will be most helpful transferring medium for us.

  2. Well thanq for ur compliment salman, and jst for more info, this technology can be used in ur homes connecting all ur devices like in a cloud!

  3. perfect technology for the future, many RF waves can be reduced....

    1. yes i still wonder though how safe would it be..... i mean we can view the data transfer


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