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Hello readers! 
In my last post I told you about a QR Code! Well in that post I also mentioned 'attagging'. This post is to just elaborate the topic.
A Dubious QR Code

Atagging as I said comes from 'attack' + 'tagging' i.e. “using QR codes to point to a server running metasploit to “attag” a target” If you don’t know what a QR code is yet, don’t worry you can find out more @ my previous post. It’s basically a “barcode” made of black and white squares.

Well a person can stay safe in 3 ways but before that you should know about the aims of "ATTAGGING".
The AIM or MOTIVE of attagging is to :

  • Get personal information leading to Identity Theft, Impersonation, Spamming & Phishing. 
  • GEO-LOCATION can get compromised. 
  • Gain access to your Calendar, Meetings, Address book, SNS Accounts, Credit Card, Connectivity & the emails of Private and Cooperative business, if these are compromised by an attacker, it could threaten the internal business as well as your personal life.
Then how can you stay protected ? Well just a little precaution can save yourself from this threat.
Follow these precautions :

  • Scan QR codes of trusted advertisers only. Though one can still be Deceived by QRjacking aka Pharming (i.e. sticking a dubious / fake / malicious Code on an Advertisement's Banner).
  • Do not click on any link until you sure of the source. 
Be safe and sound..... Stay Updated
Well that's it for now and now you can ask questions and give feedback to me..

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  1. Would you say then that a good way to detect a bad QR Code may be to just see if you can scratch if off of the advertisement?


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