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Do you know what's the most difficult part of blogging? It is choosing the Topic of the Blogpost. Well this time it was a geek from who suggested me this topic today.
GO Programming Language

Well google as we all know gets into everything, be it smartphones, operating systems, social networking sites or as of now a programming language called THE 'GO' LANGUAGE. Developed by Robert Griesemer , Rob Pike and Ken Thompson of GOOGLE INC. The designing started in September 2007 and is successfully from May 2010. GO's 'gc' compiler works on Linux , Mac OS X , FreeBSD , OpenBSD and Microsoft Windows operating systems and the i386 , amd64 , and ARM processor architectures.

Among the features found in C++ or Java, Go does not include type inheritance , generic programming , assertions , method overloading , or pointer arithmetic while it includes garbage-collection , concurrency and compilation. As I browsed through different .go programs (.go is its extension), I found that the syntax of GO is similar to that of C++ and the same 'if', 'switch' and for statements make it more similar while a few differences include : optional line breaks, variable declarations is done differently, explicit type conversions and the new 'go' and 'select control' keywords are introduced to support concurrent programming. It is designed for exceptionally fast compiling, even on the modest of hardware. The language also requires garbage collection. Certain concurrency-related structural conventions of Go ( channels and alternative channel inputs) are borrowed from Tony Hoare's CSP . Unlike previous concurrent programming languages such as 'Occam' or 'Limbo' , Go does not provide any built-in notion of safe or verifiable concurrency.
A little program here that you can try out on a GO compiler :
// You can edit this code!
// package main
import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Println("") }
GO is an open source project developed by a team at Google and many contributors from the open source community and is distributed under a BSD-style license. You can browse the source of the GO language Here  You can download the GO tools from Here.

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