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Image result for Servers, Clients, and PortsThere are various host computers on the Internet which offer services to other systems on the Internet. Computers that offer services for other system to use their services called servers. Server contain all the records of all machines connected to it

Server computer is the main component used in networking. And gives the virtual access to the host computer

Here are some types of servers and clients that you may meet

 Mail servers

Mail server are responsible for mailing activities of the system. Post Office
Protocol (POP) servers (or POP3 servers) store incoming mail,

Image result for Servers, Clients, and Ports while Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers relay outgoing mail.
 Web servers

Store Web pages and send them in response to requests from
Web clients, which are usually called browsers.

 FTP servers
Store files that you can transfer to or from your computer if you
have a FTP client.


Image result for Servers, Clients, and Ports New servers

Store Usenet newsgroup articles that you can read and send if

you have a new client or newsreader.

 IRC servers

Act as a switchboard for Internet-based online chats. To take part, you use an IRC client.

Image result for Servers, Clients, and PortsThere are some standard numbers for port which used throughout the internet. Some widely used ports listed below
Port 21 FTP (file transfer)
Port 23 Telnet (remote log in)
Port 25 SMTP (mail relaying)
Port 80 World Wide Web
Port 110 POP3 (storage of incoming mail)
Port 194 (as well as 6667 and many others) IRC (online chat)
Port 532 Usenet newsgroups (discussion groups)

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