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Hello Readers,
I'd like to ask you all a question - What happens if you get a chance to do all your programming in your Regional Language? plz plz give the answer of it especially If your regional language is not 'ENGLISH' and more importantly if it is 'HINDI'!
{you may need a hindi font to view the text click here to download} Well this is something that most probably you won't be knowing about it! But the place I come from, there is a person, a senior, an engineer, a very talented person he is Er. Adhokshaj Mishra,UIET, CSJMU, Kanpur (Contact him here via mail) or Read his blog here
So you would be wondering that what actually this project is all about. Well here are the details :
In the words of the developer itself

Project Name:
Programming in Regional Languages.

Source of Idea:

Since a lot of computer work requires English, the language has become mandatory even for elementary computer work. General software is being translated in regional languages like Hindi etc, but there is no work done on programming in Hindi. Some people have tried it before, but they ended merely translating some popular language. This forces you to have 2 compilers!! I thought to make a new language very similar to some popular one, and thus eliminating the need of having 2 compilers…. ;)

Main Challenges:
  1. Unicode support in programming is limited to very basic processing. Many algorithms simply fail in case of UNICODE!
  2. Console window does not support UNICODE output. So, you will have to develop your own console for that.
  3. Automatic tools (LEX and YACC) for compiler writing don’t work at all! Result: You will have to do all the painful work for prototyping. (These are not used in production)
  4. Building EXE file is quiet hard, as only ASCII set is supported in instructions.
About the compiler

This compiler is programmed in C#, and requires .NET Framework 4.0 to work. It compiles any valid source fileinto a valid .NET console executable. This executable also requires .NET 4.0.
The language is currently in under development. Some features are as follows:
  1. Hindi Keywords: असत्य , सत्य , पाठ , बूल , संख्या , मुद्रण , पंक्तिमुद्रण , यदि , जब , लूप , अन्यथा , अंत , तो , समाप्त , फलन , उत्तर
  2. Data Types: पाठ , बूल , संख्या
  3. Boolean Values: असत्य , सत्य
  4. Console output functions: मुद्रण , पंक्तिमुद्रण
  5. Conditional Statement: यदि ……… तो …… अन्यथा ……. अंत
  6. Looping: जब ………………….. लूप
  7. Functions: फलन ………………….. समाप्त
  8. Return: उत्तर
This language supports multi-character UNICODE, as well as ASCII variable names. However, UNICODE function names are not supported yet.

Currently, the language uses VB like construct, but it will be converted to C++ like syntax before its final release.

Some sample programs are as follows:


फलन संख्या FACT( संख्या द )
       यदि ( द <= 0 ) तो
              उत्तर 1;
              उत्तर द* FACT( द- 1);
फलन बूल MAIN()
संख्या द ;
द= 0;
जब ( द <= 10 )
       पंक्तिमुद्रण FACT( द);
        द = द+ 1;
Factorial Program

Fibonacci Series

फलन बूल MAIN()
संख्या न ;
संख्या प ;
संख्या च ;
च = 1;
प = 0;
न = च + प ;
पंक्तिमुद्रण न ;
जब ( न < 1000 )
   प = च ;
   च = न ;
   न = च + प ;
पंक्तिमुद्रण न ;
Fibonacci Series

Well this hard work is goood but I want Your opinions so please give your opinion! Till then be updated.

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  1. लोगों को गलतफहमी है कि-
    * कम्प्यूटर अंग्रेजी में काम करता है।
    * प्रोग्रामिंग भाषाएँ तो अन्य किसी भाषा में हो ही नहीं सकती।
    * की-बोर्ड अंग्रेजी में है इसलिए उससे हिन्दी या अन्य कोई भाषा नहीं लिखी जा सकती।

    इसी तरह के बहुत से भ्रम हैं। विद्वान प्रोफेसर ने शायद इसी भ्रम को निर्मूल करने का बीड़ा उठाया है। भगवान भारतीयों को(विशेषकर अंग्रेजी में शिक्षित भारतीयों को)कुछ मौलिक चिन्तन करने की शक्ति दे।

    1. guess u r rite he has will let him only ans here

    2. @अनुनाद सिंह,
      भाई जी मैं प्रोफेसर नहीं हूँ......बस एक संगणक विज्ञान का थोडा बहुत शौक है....:D


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