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Greetings readers, it's really been a hard time for me , i mean had exams and all. Well after a whole year i am back to blogging and would really like to thank all of you for visiting my blog. Well today the topic i have is something that you can relate to the Hollywood -- The Inception, movie by Christopher Nolan.

Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous Device aka PASIV Device is a briefcased device that can be used to enter the world of dreams. Yes right it really does and it is neither a future tech nor an alien tech that fell from space into the hands of Human Beings.

Basic Model of PASIV  Device (MV-235)

an orignal PASIV device (Zoomed in)

It is a device that uses a sedative called Somnacin and wires to allow the users to enter a shared dreamspace. Sounds cool right? Well a lot is not known about this piece of tech but i really can give my thoughts that are based on my research.
an orignal PASIV device
Somnacin is a sedative [which i believe to be a code name] that is injected into the bodies of the users through a PASIV device which work like an IV [IntraVenous] (used to insert liquids directly into the veins). Well this Pasiv device does that very timely and in an appropriate measure which eventually manipulates the dreams of all the users and brings everyone into a same dream.

Information regarding the time difference and levels are unclear. But one thing is for sure that it is secret and of course dangerous if misused.
Well a lot of other sites and blogs post a deconstruction of a PASIV device so i am just going to post a link instead of writing it down. If their are any questions then ask.
PASIV Device Instruction Manual MV-235

Information regarding the usage of PASIV device is revealed but a lot is still hidden like details of project somnacin and the founder of this technology. The actual working is also a secret. So well for now we will have to be satisfied with this much. Will keep on posting now.

and of course any queries ..... feel free

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