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These attacks take advantage of the lack of security in   today’s software.In the programming development cycle there are levels in which  one of them is a security check level which is been ignored by the developers because they want to work more and earn more &
It also  major problem with most software that is currently being developed is that the programmers and testers are under very tight deadlines to release a product. Because of this, testing is not as thorough as it should be. To add to this, the problem becomes worse since software that is being developed has so much added functionality and complexity that even if there were more time to test, the chances of testing every feature would still be small. Also, until very recently, consumers were not concerned about security. If it had all of the great features they needed they were happy, regardless of the number of security vulnerabilities that existed in the software. Security should not be an add-on component. To provide a high level of security, it has to be designed into the application from the beginning.

 Image result for Application-Level Attacks
Another major problem found in most programs is error-checking. Poor or
nonexistent error-checking accounts for a large number of security holes
found in today’s programs. Buffer overflows are just one example of this

Be Updated  Be safe  

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