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When software companies starts works for the  satisfaction with the product.  They might  ignore the security of the software and operating system and for the simplicity ...
If someone installs an operating system and
the services they need such as web and authentication are not present,
most of the time they will call for help. This is why  companies more software   which makes its  functionality easier , for just this reason  everything installed by default, if someone needs it, it’s there

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The default installation of windows of an operating system are the services it is running and the ports it has open. The more services and ports, the more points of access; the  fewer ports and services, the  fewer points of access. Based on this one would hope that a default install of an operating system would have the least number of services running and ports open (if you need more, you can install them on your system). This way, you control the points of compromise in a system.

In reality, the opposite is true. The default install of most operating
Systems has large numbers of services running and ports open. The
reason most manufacturers do this is simple, money. They want a
consumer of their product to be able to install and configure a system with
the least amount of effort and trouble. The reason for this is every time a
consumer has a problem with their product they have to call for support,
& costs the company to generate large amounts of revenue. The fewer calls, the less number of technical support staff, and the lower their costs. Also, the
fewer calls, the less frustration a user experiences, which increases  
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From a software manufacturers standpoint, this makes sense. From a
Security standpoint, it does not make sense. Why would anyone install a
Non-secure operating system by default? Most of the time this is unintentional, because users are not familiar enough with an operating system to realize how vulnerable it really is. To make matters worse, once the operating system is installed, companies think their job is done and fail to apply patches and updates. This leaves a company with outdated operating systems, which have a large number of vulnerabilities—not a good position to be in from a security perspective.

Be Updated  Be safe  

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