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It  is the process in which somebody tries to get access to your system by pretending as he/she is at trusted person on your system . In this person  alter  his  identity  so anyone can trust them because they have a fake identity of your friend or any relative .

Types of Spoofing

It is of four types :

• IP spoofing.

In this attacker switch it's IP address to gain information and  to get access  on your computer

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• Email spoofing. 

In this attacker try to get essential information by sending you a frank emails . They ask you give your valuable information as reply .Your response to their emails will help them in crackiong your password    

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• Web spoofing. 

 This is the most popular attack  on the web in this attacker try install their hacking tools on your system in the form of viruses after that they get all your information easily That is they try to install a key logger on your system after that they easily get your password I.D's and many more

 • Non-technical spoofing. 

This is attack involves corruption activities by the employ of a company  or worker who knows the sensitive information  about company  or a system 

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