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Your  Pen drive takes too much time to transferring large amount of data or in  transferring big files A trick for you Which increase the speed relatively as before using  this trick 

You have to fallow the following steps to

Note : If you have important data in your Pen Drive, don’t forget to back up them.

Make your pen drive as in  NTFS mode therefore right click on pen drive and click on format.

from the file system drop down menu select 'NTFS' > Select ‘Default allocation size‘ from the ‘Allocation unit size‘, Uncheck ‘Quick format’ from the ‘format options‘. Click ‘Start‘ button > then ‘OK‘ in the warring box.

You have to change the file system to NTFS of your pen drive. We usually use FAT32 file system. But NTFS is better file system allowing us additional data transfer rate. So you have to change NTFS form system configuration to get higher transfer rate.
Formatting is finished you may see a conformation window. Click the ‘OK‘ button and close the format window. 

Change the device policy can even increase the performance of explicit flash drives. To hurry up the flash drive’ performance you'll do one further but minor work. For this:

  1. Don't forget to backup the important files 
  2. Then; right mouse click on the flash drive’s icon on the My computer (Windows Explorer) window > Click on ‘properties‘.
  3. Click on ‘Hardware‘ tab.
  4. Find your flash drive from the All disk drive list and double click on it (or select it and click ‘properties‘ in below)

5. On the opened window click on policies
6. Select ‘Better performance‘ from the ‘removal policy‘.

7. Click OK.
You have  Done all the step's success 

Note:you must always eject your pen drive only after clicking on safely remove your USB option in task bar and it's always suggested removing the pen drive from USB port when it's not in use.

Be Updated Be Safe  !

Cheers !!

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