Posted by : Shubham Pandey Tuesday, January 26

For to make full use of you USB and memory card  you can increase the capacity of storing data 
by downloading a  software 
Simply Follow Instructions:
Step1:  Insert  USB  in the  port

Download Link - 1


Download Link - 2
Step 2: Download  the  software (see download Links at last)

step 3: Open Drive increaser software

step 4 :  Format the Pen drive. .
Step 5: Rename the Flash Drive or memorystick
Step 6: Open Drive Increaser 2 icon from the Downloaded folder.
Step 7: The opened file is asks USB drive Name. (Before enter the name first Rename the Memory stick or Pen drive). Just  enter the renamed pen drive name. Ex: 2341

Step 8: After that, it will ask USB pendrive letter (Ex: H or I or J). Repeat this two times

Step 9 : After Drive letter entry some process will be done with Red color like this image
Step 10: Finally it shows Done Please enter any key to done.
                                     Now your Pen drive is 4GB

Note -- This tricks might work but not compulsory This technique include the compression of data so if any software work then ok else you find any other sorce to perform the same task 

Be safe Be Updated 

Cheers !!

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