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Image result for Misconfiguration AttacksIn some  systems that should be  secure fairly  & they  are broken into because they were not configured correctly. In that cases  An administrator is working on a system who is new to that environment  . It cases the person in not well suited for that job . This is one of the reasons why some systems are broken into and others are not.

 Image result for Misconfiguration Attacks

In order protect your system from the any kind of attack configuring a machine correctly, remove any unwanted services or software. By this way you can easily catch that any misfortune on your system  . Misconfiguration is one area that you can control since you are the one configuring the system. Therefore, make sure you spend the time necessary and do it right. Remember, if you think that you do not have time to do it right the first time, attackers might break in and there might not be a second time.

Be Updated  Be safe  

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