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Image result for Register A DomainDomain and Host Names

Domain and Host Names are provided so that People do not have remembered strings and  numbers of the host computer  . The last part of a domain is called TTL (Top Level Domain) .That is .com ,.edu , .in , .edu  etc .

 Capitalization does not matter in host names.Example.Com and  example .com are both valid forms of the same name. Host names usually appear in lowercase.

Where do domain names come from?

Domains in the com, edu, net, and org zones are assigned by Network
Solutions . InterNIC Registration Services                                               To Register a domain you need to perform following  step 



1.  You need a host computer on internet  on which domain name is provided 

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2. Use the WHOIS search box on the InterNIC to check the domain name you want is available for you  or not

3. Read the instructions form InterNIC For  registration .

4. . Ask your ISP for the IP addresses of the two domain name servers that will list your new domain

5. Fill all the details  which asks for the name, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the administrative contact, technical contact etc .

6. InterNIC confirms your application. And the application had no errors then  InterNIC sends you a confirmation that the domain has been assigned to you. 

7. Check that your domain name works by using the Ping program.


Image result for Register A Domain8. Ask Your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) how to upload pages to your new Website.

9. Pay the charges for Hosting  .

10 . Congratulate You have Been  successfully registered your domain .


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