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VHDL is a language of Very High Speed Digital Electronics System . That is  a Hardware Description Language . It is a standard language use in structuring  and functioning designs  for IC's (Integrated Circuit )

The standard is adopted by IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronic
Engineers )

VHLD is  designed to full fill the following needs in designing process  

1) It allows the description of   the structure of a design of an  integrated circuit 




Image result for vhdl Example of a structural description.2) It allows the specification of the function of  designs using familiar programming language forms






Image result for vhdl Example of a structural description. 


3) It allows a designer   simulation  before being manufactured, so that designers can quickly compare alternatives and test for correctness without the delay and expense of hardware prototyping




  VHDL can also be used as a general purpose parallel programming language. If you know how to write computer programs using a conventional programming language such as Pascal, C or Ada then it is easy to work on VHDL .

We would like to have an interactive session . Comment You Questions Below 

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